Veronesi Tutti Math (VTM) series

The first meeting that should have happened in May 2020 was canceled because of the well known situation. Since we can not predict when we will have our first in-person meeting, we’d better start off with some online occasion to see each other and talk about things that we are all passionate about. Together with the Collegio Didattico di Matematica of the University of Verona, we decided to organise a series of short seminars on topics related to the current activity of the Alumni, be it education, corporate operations, pure or applied research. The seminar series is called “Veronesi Tutti Math”.

The seminars are short, topical, interesting, informal and targeted to all the alumni. They will take place after dinner (9pm in central european time) and will be organised in 30/40 minutes of talk and 20/30 minutes of discussion. We will close the seminar at 10pm.